Welcome to my Website!

Here's where I'm going to start learning HTML and saving some bookmarks Neocities.

Hey! I'm Roro, a Romanian wannabe self-taught programmer. I'm trying to learn more HTML, and hopefully, eventually get better at it.

I'm not sure whether someone will read this or no, but who cares lol

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My favorite sites:

During the next few days I hope to be capable enough to build better sites, it's quite hard because my keyboard layout is in Romanian, but I have it in English because I want to buy one with English layout soon.

I have some experience with Wordpress, so I will try to replicate a simple blog post layout using HTML + CSS only

This should start with a H2 tag (sub-title?)

Here's some introduction to why Loader.to is the best video downloader :)

This is supposed to be splitted into paragraphs without me needing to press enter

I always forget to close tags lol

If anyone is hearing